FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed in the campsite ?

We only accept non-category I and II dogs. Cats and other animals are not allowed. There is nevertheless a restriction of 1 dog per rental and 2 pitch (Paying service: 5 € per day per dog).
All dogs must be kept on a leash within the campground and not left alone on the parcel or in the rental unit.
 The animal should be tattooed and up-to-date in its vaccines. Thank you for presenting his book of health at the reception on your arrival.

As visitors, can I have access to Waterpark ?

For reasons of insurance, security and legislation, any person not staying at the campsite can not access the various infrastructures.

What should I plan to bathe in your waterpark ?

Respecting the hygiene standards of the municipal swimming pools, only boxers and swimsuits are allowed for men as well as one and two pieces swimsuits for women (other garments are not allowed). Babies must wear a disposable Swimpants and swimsuit.

My child can swim, can he go alone to the Waterpark ?

Any child under the age of 12, able to swim or not, must be accompanied by an adult who supervises him during the time he swims or plays. The aquatic area is not under supervision.

Can a minor stay on the campsite with friends ?

Minors can not stay on the campsite without a parent or legal guardian. No derogation can be accepted.

We are 6 adults and 1 baby, can we book a rental or pitch for 6 people ?

Everyone, regardless of age, is considered a full-fledged person. Therefore, it is not possible to exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation or pitch.

We rented a mobile home and friends want to join us for one night. Can they put a tent on the parcel of the mobile home ?

Depending on the number of people already present, you can accommodate them in your mobile home (for an extra person supplement price in progress). Tents are prohibited on rental plots.

Is it possible to choose my pitch ?

At the time of your reservation, do not hesitate to inform us of your preferences in writing (shaded, sunny, more or less far from the animations …).
On site, according to our availability, our receptionists will be able to offer you some pitches.

We wish to rent a pitch with electricity, is it possible ?

All our pitches offer the electric connection (with supplement, 10A). Electrical terminals have French connections.

At what time can we access our rental or pitch ?

Pitch: they are available from 3pm.
Accommodation: they are available from 4 pm (except weekend please contact reception for more information)

What time do we have to vacate our rental / pitch on the day of departure ?

Pitches: the departure must be done before 12h.
Rentals: mobile homes must be vacated before 10 am

How to access and circulate within the campsite ?

Upon arrival, a badge barrier will be given to you (deposit 30€). It allows to enter ONLY one vehicle by location or rental. In addition, any holiday-maker from 4 years old must wear a bracelet (deposit 20€ per unit) during the whole stay. This bracelet is to be returned at your departure as well as the badge of the barriers (otherwise the deposit will be cashed).

We come with 2 vehicles, can we park the 2 on the plot ?

Only one vehicle is permitted per location or rental. The 2nd vehicle will automatically be parked in the outdoor car park.

Are barbecues allowed ?

Open fires are strictly forbidden. Only gas barbecues and charcoal grills are allowed on the campsite under your extreme vigilance. On the other hand barbecues, planchas and other appliances of electric grilling are strictly prohibited on the plots.

We booked a mobile home / cottage, what should we bring ?

We do not provide sheets, towels or cleaning products.

How can I pay for my stay ?

Deposit: at the time of booking a 30% deposit will be required. It can be paid in CB(checks rejected).
Balance: mobile home reservations must be paid one month before your arrival (payment ditto deposit). The pitches can be paid on the day of your arrival in cash or CB (checks rejected).

Will I be asked for a deposit upon arrival ?

Pitch : a deposit of 30€ for the badge and 20€ per bracelet (to be returned at the end of the stay, otherwise deposit will be cashed) will be requested.
Rental: a deposit of 300€ covering the rental, badge and bracelets (to be returned at the end of the stay otherwise deposit will be cashed) will be asked.
These guarantees can be given in cash.

We will arrive after the opening hours, how can we get the key ?

We invite you to contact us by phone and we will explain all the terms. Nb: imperative arrival before 11pm closing of barriers.

Is there a WIFI on the campsite ?

The WIFI is only accessible in the bar area (paying). Registration at reception presentation of the identity document (one code per device).

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